The Traditional Pakistani Breakfast Recipes

How many times have you woken up on a Sunday morning to find yourself craving for some authentic halwa puri? Orrrr if you're the kind of person who doesnt really need a typical sunday morning time to feel the urge for this kind of food - you're in the right place. Todaaaay - on this… Continue reading The Traditional Pakistani Breakfast Recipes


The Cheesy Chicken balls

There comes a time when we totally get sick and tired of the usual (cooking and) food. Specially in Ramazan, we tend to make boring cookingย routines of fried stuff that do serve the purpose for a short time period but totally makes us repent later. Soooo here's a quick way to add some fun to… Continue reading The Cheesy Chicken balls


The Tangy Chicken in Mustard Sauce Recipe

WHAT: Chicken fillets - 2, thin sliced (you can also julienne-cut these to make it into a family meal portion) Mustard sauce - 2-3 tbsp (reduce quantity to regulate the tangy taste - if it bothers you) Soy sauce - 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce - 1 tbsp White vinegar - few drops Ginger garlic paste… Continue reading The Tangy Chicken in Mustard Sauce Recipe