Review: Essence 2in1 Eyeshadow and Liner in 06 she’s got the mauve

I am a die hard Essence fan. End of story. They’re yet to come up with a product (or product line) that makes me feel disappointed in the brand. From highlighters to eye shades and bronzers, pencils, lipsticks – I’ve literally fallen in love with the shades, quality and pricing they offer. No they havent paid me to say that – some brands dont need to.

My Essence Pencil Stash (and that jumbo mascara!)


Isnt Essence the best at naming each of its products? I’ve seriously sat down (multiple times) and thought about the person who does their copy. A genius (hands down) you are if you’re reading this man! I love how they make usual make up stuff feel so amazing. I just honestly think its great to be able to give your things little cute names instead of just numbering them or putting boring alphabets. 10/10 to Essence for that ❤



So on the packaging, the brand promises that the product is a “creamy eyeshadow and liner. Is easy to blend and long lasting. Removable with waterproof eye makeup remover“.


The pencil, or rather the marker, is a huge cute pencil that comes in a really nice packaging. The lid is transparent and very sturdy to hold the product (and itself) in place. The pencil has a twister at the bottom to push more product up – yes no sharpening required. The pencils are colored entirely based on their shades which is a major plus.


If I put all my excitement in few words and blurt it out here I’d prolly be saying: THIS WAS MAJOR GOALS! And I’m so grateful for the besties I have in life who knew that this was just the right piece to complete my birthday present stash.


The brand says its creamy – its definitely creamy.

The brand says its waterproof – its CRAZY waterproof. I hastily put a little swatch on my hand and (dude!) it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the liner off my skin. I tried removing it with some smudging, soap, facewash etc – nothing could make it budge. The only thing that worked was the actual eye make up remover/cleansing milk. So when Essence says waterproof you better take it seriously. ❤

The brand says its blendable – Wrong, Its BEAUTIFULLY and PERFECTLY blendable and not just plain blendable. The pencil works like a nice crayon sorta marker on the lid and is amazing to create different looks or even if you wanna wear it alone with zero kohl or eye shade.

The shade is a nice cappuccino brown with just the right hint of shine to it and a little glittery finish without anything chunky inside. Unbelievable no? And given the price tag it comes with, this product is such a steal. I see myself wearing this alot with my pastels in the day and trust me it looks exactly as perfect at night also because a) it doesnt move at all and b) its a really nice barely-there sorta make up thingy that makes the eyes pop making sure you dont look tired after a long weary day.

There are more shades in the line that I’m (OMG!) so dying to get my hands on. The peachy pink and the gold look absolutely yummy. Will so try to review them too.


Use on the inner corner of the eye to make all attention go to the sparkle in your eye and away from the dark circles.

Use with or without kohl on the lower lash line, looks fab!

Blend the color on the entire lid and wear with a black liner to pull off a really glam-but-natural look at dinners or a night out with the friends.



The pencil is priced at rs.475 and is available in most stores in Karachi that have an Essence kiosk. Found them at Naheed, Scentsation and the likes.


  • Crazy water proof, stays put all day
  • Perfectly blendable
  • Travel friendly as the packaging is fab
  • Readily available
  • Available in amazing nude shades
  • Does exactly what is says


  • Literally, none.

Leave a comment below to tell me what you like best from Essence. Also please follow the blog on Facebook at❤


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