Review & Swatch: Lakme CC (Complexion Care) Cream

Have you been part of the BB, CC, DD, ZZ cream race? Tricked you there, no there's nothing known to mankind (atm!) that could be called/named a ZZ cream. But yes, the BBs and CCsย have been quite raved about in the international makeup and skin care scene because of their apparent benefits and packed all-in-one… Continue reading Review & Swatch: Lakme CC (Complexion Care) Cream


Lunch munchies: The 2-ingredient Patatas

I often find myself fishing for things to cook quickly especially for lunch. Here's a really old recipe (from my mom basically) that incorporates potatoes and just 2 simple ingredients. And guess what, its low-calorie and actually pretty filling. Let's see how that goes. WHAT: Potato - 1 big OR 2 small Oil - 1… Continue reading Lunch munchies: The 2-ingredient Patatas


Haul alert: Little face and nail helpers

Keeping things short and sweet in this post today. So from top to bottom, these are: Cool'n'cool Deep Magnetic Cleansing - Charcoal Nose strips Caresse Fast Acting Nail color Remover Glamourous Face Color 25 Nail Paint Maybelline Babylip in Oh! Orange! Super excited to post little reviews on each of these. Here's a little snippet:… Continue reading Haul alert: Little face and nail helpers