The No-Fail French Salad Recipe

So there was a time when I used to collect (okay okay - hoard is the word) recipes and paste/write them in little fancy notebooks. Those days are gone - both sadly and luckily. Today I'm more ofΒ a person who'd just screenshot recipes and facebook-save links to what I find interesting for later use. Today's… Continue reading The No-Fail French Salad Recipe


7 Beauty Hacks Using Just ONE Little Ice Cube!

I'm an absolute fan of DIY-ing my skincare regime. I love mixing up natural harmless things together and applying them to my face and waiting for awesome/unbelievable/unexpected results. As the weather's changing (going from winters to summers here in Karachi) I'm all set to experience change in the way my skin behaves. I've technically never… Continue reading 7 Beauty Hacks Using Just ONE Little Ice Cube!