Lunch Munchies: Cold Sandwiches

I lurrrve cold sandwiches. It took me a lot of time to actually get my hands on a kickass recipe that tasted good and didn't go nuts (read: soggy) after a session with the refrigerator. Cold sandwiches are easy to make and the best part is - you can prepare them hours before the show… Continue reading Lunch Munchies: Cold Sandwiches


Two DIYs for Makeup Tool Clean Up

I've totally been a fan of DIY-ing clean up rituals on Sundays. If you've been following the blog's Instagram stories you probably know how I did just that today - and promised to share details. Let's get straight to business and tell you about what I exactly do to save time, money and effort while… Continue reading Two DIYs for Makeup Tool Clean Up


The No-Fuss Aaloo (Potato) Sabzi Recipe

Today's the kinda day where I wanna write about a simple recipe that takes very little ingredients, is healthy to consume and is over packed with taste. Pretty simple to put together for a quick lunch munch or to fill into sandwiches if you're on a total vegan diet. Let's get right to it. WHAT:… Continue reading The No-Fuss Aaloo (Potato) Sabzi Recipe