Lunch Munchies: Cold Sandwiches

I lurrrve cold sandwiches. It took me a lot of time to actually get my hands on a kickass recipe that tasted good and didn’t go nuts (read: soggy) after a session with the refrigerator. Cold sandwiches are easy to make and the best part is – you can prepare them hours before the show and they’ll come out looking/tasting fresh and yum. Who doesn’t like that now?

Let’s see how to do this.

Open face shot


Multi grain bread slices – 2 (you can increase to your liking and requirement and can also use different breads including white bread and bran bread)

Tomato ketchup (or mayo ketchup) – 1 tbsp

Mayo – 1 tbsp

Chili garlic ketchup – 1 tbsp

Black pepper


Boiled chicken pieces (ideally boiled with a bit of salt and pepper)


  1. Toast the bread slices and shred chicken.
  2. Mix up the mayo with the tomato ketchup (you dont need this step if you’re using mayo ketchup). Line it on top of one slice and put shredded chicken atop. Sprinkle salt and pepper.
  3. Line up the chili garlic ketchup onto the other slice.
  4. Sandwich both slices and lightly press from top.
  5. Cut in four quarters (with a slightly heated knife – to help it cut evenly) and store in a box (with a lid on).
  6. Refrigerate for a good 2-3 hours (or more if you want them to be really nice and cold). You may also do it overnight if you intend to carry these with you to work/school.
  7. Serve right after you take them out of the fridge. I’d totally recommend keeping them refrigerated before serving/eating. Do not leave outside for too long.

They’re one of the yummiest recipes I’ve ever come across and the best part is – you can totally turn down the quantities of the sauces and lose some weight with them.

Try soon! πŸ™‚


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