The 3-Ingredient Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

Boiz if there’s a real-real-real magic potion that I’ve recently fallen (all head over heels) in love with – it’s prolly this. Supeeer easy to assemble and totally nutritious.

Here’s my list of Yays that might make you wanna go straight to the kitchen and make tons of this:

  • Takes about 3 ingredients only – and they’re almost ALWAYS available in every household; no fancy trips to the grocery stores.
  • Takes max 5 minutes to fix!
  • Helps me stay full for a longer time (thanks to the flax seeds – ooppss I just gave away one of ingredients).
  • Doesn’t have a strong taste; neither too sweet nor too sour.
  • Perfect for skin, hair and general health.

Let’s get straight to business!

Weightloss smoothie recipe using only 3 ingredients


Yogurt – 1 cup (or multiply if you’re making more)

Honey – 1 tbsp

Banana – 1 (nice and sweet sorts!)

Flax seeds (optional) – 1/2 tsp


  • Blend together the yogurt, honey and banana and a ton of ice!
  • Add in flax seeds or ground almonds to the result – only to boost the nutritional value.
    You can play around with fruits, veggies, seeds or nuts also.

On its own, the taste is ABSOLUTE yum and I’m totally addicted.


Honestly it doesn’t matter how and when you consume this – just make sure you do. Best to have it in place of dinner or as a breakfast add-on. I usually take this thrice a week!

I’ve honestly felt a difference in the way my appetite and hunger pangs work. Roughly, this starts working in about a week or two but of course everyone’s different and what works for me might not work for you – or take days to show signs of change.

Stating the obvious but you’d have to control and alter your diet and activity patterns for anything to work on your weight.

easy weight loss smoothie recipe using just 3 ingredients

weight loss smoothie recipe using just 3 ingredients

Totally recommended.


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