Hacks to Reduce Hair-fall and Frizz this Winters

I’ve been worried sick about the way my hair’s been all frizzy and wild lately. I could totally blame my age, genetics, the water, shampoos and what not for this but trust me I know I’ve been doing a lot of things that directly contribute to this little disaster.

I’ve learned it the hard way and that is (exactly) why I’m putting my observations up here for ya’ll to read and benefit from.

Yep thank me in the comments at the end.


  1. Do not be harsh on wet hair: rubbing is a total no no!
    You’re totally your hair’s biggest enemy in the world if you can’t help but rub hair products in and out of your wet hair. Rubbing wet hair is literally like plucking each strand with your own bare hands and setting it on fire.
  2. If there’s anything you should reduce in the shower, its the quantity of shampoo and NOT the conditioner!
    Contrary to popular belief, shampoo (and not conditioner) is more of a problem for the hair to handle. Reduce the amount of shampoo you use and increase conditioner – this way there’s more protection for the hair strands and lesser damage.
  3. Do not shampoo daily. If you absolutely have to wash hair daily, try rinsing with plain conditioner or hair mask.
    Shampooing hair daily is a total disaster and you’ve probably heard your mum telling you that all your life anyway. Its true. But the cool part is: shampoo does more damage to hair than conditioner.
    If you have deathly oily hair rinse them with conditioner in place of shampoo. The product doesn’t lather as much as shampoo does but the results are cool enough. Thing is, you need to clean your hair up right? Do it with something that cares for your hair. I personally am (head over heels) in love with this keratin hair mask.

    Easy on the products!
  4. Always end shower sessions with a 2 minute cold water rinse!
    Cold water is LIFE for your hair and scalp. Cold water makes sure the scalp gets all nice and clean – and helps hair roots get strengthened.
    Hot water on the other hand tends to disturb everything good that happens on your head.
  5. Do not towel-dry hair in a rush!
    Towel drying scares me to death and that’s just because I’ve read and experienced a ton of bad things it does to hair. Wet hair is prone to breaking and towels tend to latch onto wet hair which further destroys its texture – and elevates frizz.

    giphy (1)
    No rubbing – like ever!
  6. Do not comb wet hair (duh!)
    NEVER just NEVER. Don’t. End of story.
  7. Apply conditioner/hair masks every time you shampoo and do so on the lower shafts of the hair, not the root.
    Hair masks are literally heaven-sent. Hair masks do wonders to keep moisture and health locked into hair. They’re similar to conditioners but definitely more beneficial and effective.
  8. Do not let a lot of products stay in your hair for too long, except shampoo of course.
    Procrastination can get you into a lot of hair-trouble. Letting mousse/hairspray/serums stay in your hair could be the reason why your hair’s all frizzy and weird compared to teenage times. You’ve got to wash it all out asap and NOT sleep on it. In case you need recos on shampoo, my recent personal fave is: Biotin and Collagen Shampoo by Xpel UK.
  9. In case you’ve put some hair oil on, apply shampoo (to the oiled hair) directly without wetting them first.
    Favourite hack in the world this one is. I hate how I need herculean power to get oil out of my hair and that is part the reason why I don’t oil my hair much (lazy bum alert).
    Apply shampoo to oiled hair directly and lather it up. Wash with water later and you’ll see this way the process gets easier – lesser shampoo and even lesser effort gets the oil all out for you.

Let me know if you guys know any hacks at all that could help us all get rid of frizz and other hair problems, I’d love to hear them out.




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