Review: Hair Services at Essensuals Hair Dressing Salon by Tony & Guy, Karachi

So I’ve been in a wanna-grow-out-my-short-hair-and-layers phase for the past (err) 2 years or so.  And with the start of 2018, I kinda wanted/needed to start (everything) afresh.

Decided to get rid of my long split-end prone and totally damaged hair and so I took about a week to explore all options in Karachi.

Here are the salons/artists I was initially interested in, and their updated price ranges:

  1. Hina Y – Around PKR 3 to 5k
  2. Peng’s – Around 3k to 5k (almost mentally booked an appointment here)
  3. Neelo’s – Around 3.5 to 4k
  4. Sephora – Around 3.5k
  5. Rashid’s – Around 1.2k (on-going discount deals)
  6. Dressing Table Salon – Around PKR 3k
  7. Nina Lotia – Around PKR 6k
  8. Tony and Guy – Around 4k to 9k
  9. Avenue Salon and Spa – Around 3k to 5k
  10. Depilex Bahadarabad – Around 2k

What closed the deal for me was the uber-efficient and responsive (on social media and calls) Essensuals Hair Dressing by Tony and Guy in Ocean Towers, Karachi.

The salon is a full service outlet trained and educated by Tony and Guy salons. The only difference is that this little scion is not as pricey and has a wonderful team of similarly trained professionals, who understand hair – and most importantly LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS (shouting for emphasis, sigh!).


The salon is a full-service unisex outlet. Check out price and menu lists here so you know what you’re getting into, if at all you’re planning on trying this place out.

According to the management, Essensuals is “a heritage of TONI&GUY. One stop beauty solution for Hair, Skin, Nails & Essential grooming services.”


The outlet is a small place tucked between shopping brand outlets on the 3rd floor at Ocean Towers, Karachi. I liked how the outlet is a total no-fuss, no-frills sorta place. To my surprise, the place had quite a ton of people showing up even at (like) 12 in the morning on a Saturday.

The insides are all squeaky clean with T&G’s signature black and white interiors. The flashy white lights kinda get a little overwhelming with time, but no biggies here.

Have a look:

Essensuals Hair dressing, Tony and Guy Karachi Ocean mall

Tony & Guy karachi dolmen mall, essensuals hair dressing

I got Robin to do my hair at Essensuals Hairdressing and he is (definitely) one of the few hair-people I’ve come across in life who understand the fact that my hair isn’t a laboratory for experiments – or a playground for a pair of scissors.

My hair in general is pretty dead, flat types with a lot of breakage happening these days. Breakage is not exactly like hairfall. It’s when your hair grows normally but breaks at the middle and – well – stands invidiously on top of the scalp contributing to fly-aways.  Sed lyf yeah.

So to counter that, I asked Robin what we could do with it and he had two options for me, a) chop it into layers and keep the length, b) get a not-so-evident lob with front bangs that end on the chin and give my face a little shape. I obviously went with the latter because layers are a total no-no for me now.

In about an hour’s time, I got a lob that looked just like the ones you see on magazine covers and the front-bangs settled perfectly on my chin – and quite frankly LOOKED GAWJUZ.

Sad part: Can’t get a blow dry every day to maintain the look.
Good part: My hair’s naturally straight (af!) so I don’t quite need to put in effort to stylize it. YAYHAY!

Overall experience: Loved every bit of it. Cannot emphasize on how important it is for hair stylists to keep you in the loop before going straight in with a pair of scissors, brownie points to the team for that.

Price: Costed around PKR 2.5k which is totally unbelievable.

TBTFB Rating: 5 on 5! Good value for money.

TBTFB Verdict: Definitely going back to try out their skin services too.

To check out more details, head over to their facebook page. Love how updated and maintained it is, makes life so much easier.

Tony & Guy karachi dolmen mall, essensuals hair dressing

Disclaimer: This is not an ad or a paid/sponsored piece. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Review: Hair Services at Essensuals Hair Dressing Salon by Tony & Guy, Karachi

    1. Thankyooou! I really had a hard time fishing for info on all of these places, so I thought I’d put my research to good use and add it all here for everyone to know. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The ocean mall branch is absolutely terrible. They say they are the Toney and guy from the Uk but i grew up in the Uk and this is not an authentic Toney and guy. The maids in the mall bathroom are more pleasent to be around then staff in the salon. The receptionist sounds like a wannabe professional and they want to charge Toney and guy prices but give services comparable to a shitty local street salon. Get your customer service together fools than claim to be the Toney and Guy from the U.K.


    1. Oops it’s so sad that you’ve had a bad experience. I do agree that the place isn’t as fancy as it’s prices but the team has always been worth it for me. I’ve loved my hair whenever I’ve got a trim here. The waxing service isn’t bad either.


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